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Çerez Politikamız







UTP 068 HH is predominantly used for joining identical or similar heat resistant Ni-base alloys, heat resistant austenites, cold tough Ni-steel, and for joining heat resistant austenitic-ferritic materials, such as 2.4817 (LC NiCr15Fe), 1.4876 (X10 NiCrTiAl 32 20), 1.4941 (X8 CrNTi 18 10).

Specially also used for joinings of high C content 25/35 CrNi cast steel to 1.4859 or 1.4876 for petrochemical installations with working temperatures up to 900° C. The welding deposit is hot cracking resistant and does not tend to embrittlement. The welding deposit of UTP 068 HH is hot cracking resistant, does not tend to embrittlement and is scale resistant at high temperatures.

UTP 387



The copper-nickel base stick electrode UTP 387 is used for joining and surfacing alloys of similar compositions with up to 30 % nickel, as well as non-ferrous alloys and steels of different nature.

The seawater-resistant weld metal enables this special stick electrode to be employed in shipbuilding, oil refineries, the food industry and in the engineering of corrosion-proof vessels and equipment generally.

UTP 387 can be welded in all positions, except vertical-down, seawater resistant.

UTP 6222 Mo

UTP 6222


UTP A 6222 Mo has a high nickel content and is suitable for welding high-strength and highcorrosion resistant nickel-base alloys, e. g.

X1 NiCrMoCuN25206 1.4529 UNS N08926
X1 NiCrMoCuN25205 1.4539 UNS N08904
NiCr21Mo 2.4858 UNS N08825
NiCr22Mo9Nb 2.4856 UNS N06625

It can be used for joining ferritic steel to austenitic steel as well as for surfacing on steel. It is also possible to weld 9 % nickel steels using this wire due to its high yield strength. Its wide range of uses is of particular signifiance in aviation, in chemical industry and in applications involving seawater.
The special features of the weld metal of UTP A 6222 Mo include a good creep rupture strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to stress and hot cracking. It is highly resistant and tough even at working temperatures up to 1100° C. It has an extremely good fatigue resistance due to the alloying elements Mo and Nb in the NiCr-matrix. The weld metal is highly resistant to oxidation and is almost immune to stress corrosion cracking. It resists intergranular penetration without having been heat-treated.

UTP 6170 CO

UTP 6170


UTP 6170 Co is suitable for joining high-temperature and similar nickel-base alloys, heat resistant austenitic and cast alloys, such as 2.4663 (NiCr23Co12Mo), 2.4851 (NiCr23Fe), 1.4876 (X10 NiCrAlTi 32 21),1.4859 (GX10 NiCrSiNb 32 20). The weld metal is resistant to hot-cracking and is used for service temperatures up to 1100 °C. Scale-resistance up to 1100 °C in oxidizing and carburized atmospheres, e.g. gasturbines, ethylene production plants. UTP 6170 Cocan be welded in all positions except vertical-down. It has a stable arc.

• The seam is finely rippled and notch-free.
• Easy slag removal.
• Preheating temperature should be adjusted to the base material.
• Post weld heat treatments can be applied independently of the weld metal.